AIM securities in issue

As at 13 September 2017 there were 22,682,937 ordinary shares in issue.

As at 13 September 2017 notification had been received of the following interest which equal or exceed a 3% interest of the Company.

Investor (Holdings in excess of 3%)  Shares held % of issued share capital
Living Bridge 4,340,161 19.13%
Hargreave Hale 3,694,943 16.29%
Aspect Software UK Limited 2,147,939 9.47%
Herald Investment Management 1,441,538 6.36%
Unicorn Asset Management 1,050,273 4.63%
Rodney Baker-Bates 1,005,000 4.43%
Alto Invest 689,615 3.04%

Directors’ interests in the shares of the Group as at 13 September 2017, including family interests, were as follows:

Beneficial Ordinary shares of 1p each % of issued share capital
EA Gooch and family 4,012,998 17.69%
G.H. Rolls 111,450 0.49%
N.J.Payne 26,450 0.12%
Directors’ shares – Total 4,150,898 18.30%

EA Gooch as a Trustee has non-beneficial interests in 1,514,285 shares which are held through the eg solutions plc Employee Benefit Trust.

Shares not in public hands as at 13 September 2017 totalled 69.87%.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of eg solutions plc securities.  eg solutions plc securities are currently traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange plc and are not traded on any other platform or exchange.